3 Ways To Restore Classic View In AutoCAD


    Restore the classic view in AutoCAD 2016, 2017,2018 & 2019 …..

    Lots of users like to work in Classic view in AutoCAD. But when you install the higher version of AutoCAD 2016, 2017, AutoCAD screen open in Ribbon view as shown in pic-1. There is three way to restore the classic view in AutoCAD 2017. Stepwise I am showing you, how to restore the classic view in AutoCAD.

    Method – 1

    Change to classic view in AutoCAD.


    One of the examples shown in below pictures 1-5.

    1. Type RIBBONCLOSE In the command line & press enter as shown in pic-2. Ribbon window will close.


    2. Now go to Customize Quick Access Toolbar & select Show Menu Bar as shown in pic-3.


    3. Now you need to restore toolbars. In the command line type -TOOLBAR. Enter toolbar name or [All] text will show on the command line. If you type All, all toolbar will come up on screen or you may type toolbar name one by one. For example, type Draw toolbar names as shown in pic-4 & then select Show.


    4. Once one toolbar opened, you don’t need to give -TOOLBAR command again & again to open up more toolbar. Simply Right Click on draw toolbar & select your required toolbar as shown in pic-5.


    Method – 2

    How to get the classic view in AutoCAD.

    In 2nd method, you need to go in Customize Quick Access Toolbar for on Menu Bar as shown in pic-3. 

    1. Select Tools ↵ Palettes ↵ Ribbon to off ribbon as shown in pic-6.


    2. Now go to Tools ↵ Toolbars ↵ AutoCAD & select toolbars which you want to keep on screen as shown in pic-7.


    You may see some toolbars are on screen now as shown in pic-8 as I selected above in pic-7.


    Method – 3

    Make classic view or how to put the classic view in AutoCAD.

    1. In the 3rd method, go to quick access toolbar select Workspace. In workspace, select Customize as shown in pic-9


    2. Now right click on Workspace, create New Workspace, & give any name as you want as shown in pic-10.


    3. I created the new workspace with name Nesse. Now select Nesse, you will see properties of Nesse has come on the right side on the screen as shown in pic-11. 


    4. You may select/drag your required toolbars from the toolbars which are left side on the screen & drop into the toolbars which are under Nesse workspace as shown in pic-12.  Same things you need to do for creating Menus bar.


    Video ……

    Users may watch the below video for the guide how to change the classic view in AutoCAD 2016, 2017.