How To Align All Text Quickly In AutoCad Showing With Image And Video


    Align All Text Quickly In AutoCAD ……

    To make a proper drawing, the text also play on of role. If all text aligns in the drawing. Drawing looks good. One example is showing in below pictures that how to align all text quickly. For example, you have some text in your drawing & want to align with them fast. You just need to check position X value of one text of them by going in Geometry under Properties command.

    All text Position in line.

    1. First, click on any one text of them, where from you want to align all text & then copy position X value from Properties as shown in below pic-1.


    2. Now select all text & again go to properties, paste that value in position X which is under Geometry as shown in below pic-2.


    In below pic-3, you can see all text is aligned.


    Video ……


    Users may also watch below video for the guide how to align all text quickly in AutoCAD.