How To Create New Toolbar In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    How To customize New Toolbar In AutoCAD 2017, 2018 & 2019 ……

    Some command in the new version of AutoCAD has changed. For example, Arry, Block Edit, etc. In the new version of AutoCAD, some commands open in the command line. That why Users need to customize new toolbar in AutoCAD. So that users can give command & work faster in AutoCAD.Users can see in below pictures, how to customize new toolbar in AutoCAD.

    1. Type CUI or Right Click in the blank area near the toolbar as shown in pic-1.


    2. Customize User Interface window will appear. Select the Toolbars & Right Click for New Toolbar as shown in pic-2.


    3. After creating the New Toolbar, give any name as you required. Now Drop & Down any command under created toolbar as shown in pic-3. After drop & down desired command, Click on Apply & Ok button.


    4. For display new customized toolbar on the screen, Right Click on Draw or Dimension toolbar & select newly created toolbar as shown in pic-4.


    Video ……

    Users may watch the below video for the guide, how to customize new toolbar in AutoCAD.


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