How To Draw Line [Command] In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    How To Draw Line [Command] In AutoCAD

    Line command play the big role to make any objects. Users need line command to make any objects. Every drawing can’t be completed without line command. Every segment of the line can be modified after drawn. Users can stretch line & can change the dimension value of the line. Users can draw a line at any angle in AutoCAD.

    There are three types in AutoCAD, Users can draw the line command in AutoCAD.

    But for work faster in AutoCAD, only two type of method users required to draw a line in AutoCAD. In method one, users can give the specify point of the line & give dimension. In the second method, users can draw a line with specific length with any angle. Users need to use the coordinate system in the third method. Which really waste the time in AutoCAD. So I will prefer to users, use only two methods to draw the line. Which really required to draw any objects in AutoCAD.

    1. Direct Distance Entry

    1. Type Line or in the command line & press Enter as shown in pic-1.
    2. Users can also take line command from the draw toolbar.
    3. Specify the start point of the line & give the distance as required.

    When the user draws a line by using this method, users need to take care the direction of the crosshair. Users have to keep crosshair in the same direction which side users want to make the line. For example, If users want to draw a line vertically, crosshair direction should be vertical.


    2. Draw Line At Angle with Length

    1. Type Line or in the command line.
    2. Specify the first point.
    3. Type @Length<Angle, for example, @500<45 as shown in pic-2.

    Many times users need to draw a line with an angle. In above method, 500 digits represent the length of line & 45 digits represent the angle of the line.