How Do I Draw Ray [ Command ] In AutoCAD


    How Do I Draw Ray [ Command ] In AutoCAD …..

    Ray command is very useful in AutoCAD. Ray also one of the draw toolbar command. But it’s not displayed on draw toolbar. Users can find ray command under Draw Menu. Ray command is also one of the ways to draw a line which is endless. Ray command doesn’t have any end. It can be started from any point to continues infinity. Many times users need to projection the line from a point in bigger drawings.

    Users can also use ray command as a reference line in AutoCAD. Ray command can be used in any direction in AutoCAD. It can be horizontal/vertical or may be at any angle as per drawing requirement.

    1. Type Ray in the command line & press Enter as shown in pic-1.


    2. Go to Draw ⇒ Ray as shown in pic-2.

    Users can also select ray command from draw menu.

    3. Users need to specify the start point & Specify the direction of the line as shown in pic-3.

    Users can see in below picture, ray command has started point but doesn’t have any end point.


    Video ……

    Users may watch below video for the guide, how to draw ray command in AutoCAD.