Draw Rectangle Command In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    Draw Rectangle Command In AutoCAD

    Users may draw a rectangle by using the Rectangle command in AutoCAD. Users can also make a rectangle by using line command. But line command will take the time to make a rectangle. Users can also draw a square by using rectangle command in AutoCAD. Very easy to draw a rectangle or square by rectangle command. Users may also draw a rectangle or square with chamfer, fillet or width in AutoCAD. These all options will display while using rectangle command on the command line.

    1. Type REC in the command line & press enter as shown in pic-1.

    2. Specify the first point & then the second point as shown in pic-2.


    Rectangle or Square draw By Using Polar System In AutoCAD

    1. Take the rectangle command & Specify the first point.
    2. Type @500,500 in the command line to draw a square as shown in pic-3.

    By using the same method users can draw any rectangle or square with actual dimensions. This is the fast way to draw a rectangle or square in AutoCAD.


    Video ……

    Users may watch below video for the guide, how to draw rectangle or square in AutoCAD


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