How To Enable Double Click Editing In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    Double Click Editing Does not Work In AutoCAD 2017 ……

    Sometimes users face double click editing problem in AutoCAD. For example, users want to edit text or block by double clicking on objects. As soon, users double click on text or block for editing, nothing happened in AutoCAD. Double clicking on any object take us to directly editing window of that object.

    1. Type DBLCLKEDIT in the command line & press Enter as shown in pic-1. 

    2. Change the default value into 1.

    3. Users need to change PICKFIRST variable value as well. PICKFIRST variable value must be set on <1>.

    If default value set on <Off/0>, double click will not work. The default value must be set on <On/1>. Users may either type 1 or On to enable double click option in AutoCADIf double click option doesn’t work after change variable value of DBLCLKEDIT. 

    Both variable values need to check if double click editing option doesn’t work in AutoCAD.


    The user may also control double click option from Options dialog box as shown in pic-2.

    1. Type OP in the command line & press Enter. 

    2. Go to User Preferences tab & checked Double click editing element.


    Video ……

    Users may watch the below video for the guide, how to enable double click editing in AutoCAD.