How To Enlarge the drawing In AutoCAD – Scale Command


    How to change the size of the object in AutoCAD

    Many time users need to enlarge and reduce the drawing in AutoCAD. Users need to enlarge view in the drawing for clarity of the object. Users can enlarge view by using scale command in AutoCAD. Users may enlarge & reduce the object with reference option of the scale command.

    Scale the object in AutoCAD

    1. Type SC on the command line or take scale command from modify toolbar as shown in pic-1.

    2. Select the object as shown in pic-2.


    Reduce or enlarge drawing in AutoCADWork of Scale command in AutoCAD

    3. Specify the base point of the object as shown in pic-2.


    4. Give the scale factor and press enter as shown in pic-3.

    For example, if users want to scale the drawing object five times then type 5 in the command line as shown.


    Scale object using reference option in AutoCAD

    1. Type  in the command line as shown in pic-4.

    2. Select Base point of the object.


    3. Specify the second point of the object as shown in pic-5.


    4. Specify the length as shown in pic-6.


    Video ……

    Users may watch the below video for the guide, how to enlarge or scale the drawing in AutoCAD.