All Layer On Button Missing In Layer II Toolbar In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    How To Setup All Layer On Button In Layer II Toolbar In AutoCAD…..

    Layer toolbar uses in drawings frequently for Organize your drawing by assigning objects to layers. While Making drawings, We need to use layer toolbar for layer off, Layer Isolate & more, Also check & control drawing standard & editing in drawings fast. But All Layer On button in missing in default Layer II toolbar. So I am showing you, How to setup All layer On button. Which is used to on all layer as we normally do go by into layer command which takes times?

    Add all layer on button in the default toolbar in AutoCAD.

    1. First, right-click on the blank area nearby toolbar. Then click on AutoCAD & then LayerII as shown in below pic-1.


    2. Type CUI in the command line & press enter or Right-Click on the blank area near by toolbar. Select Customize button. The window will open up as shown in below pic-2.


    3. Now you may search type by Turn All Layer On or also find command below in All command only toolbar as shown in below pic-3.


    4. Now drag & drop your searched command at your desired menu for example Layer II as shown in below Pic-4.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide how to recover all layer button on in AutoCAD.