Lines Are Non Coplanar & Remove ” Z ” Value Of Objects In AutoCAD 2017 Showing With Image And Video


    How to Remove ” Z ” Value Of Objects In AutoCAD ……

    During use of the command such as CHAMFER, EXTEND, FILLET & TRIM, we got message lines are Non-Coplanar. Therefore we are not able to use above commands. because objects have “Z” value. It can be check in the properties window. “Z” value must be set on “0”. So first we need to remove “Z” value of the objects in AutoCAD, before use to above commands. Either you may use Flatten or Filter command to remove “Z” value of objects. You can find Flatten command in Modify under Express menu. You may also use Select Similar or Filter command to make the selection of all objects. How to remove “Z” value of objects. One example is given below by using Fillet command as shown in pic-1.

    Tips To Remove Non-Coplanar Line In AutoCAD.


    1. Type FI or FILTER in the command line & press enter.

    2. Select Line under Select Filter tab. Click On Add to List & click the Apply button as shown in pic-2.

    3. Filter select objects message will pop up in the command line, type ALL, & come out that command.


    4. Now you can see all objects are selected. Go to Properties window, replace the “Z” Value into “0” under geometry tab as shown in pic-3.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide how to remove z value of objects in AutoCAD.



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