How To Maintain Dimensions In Existing Drawings In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    Maintaining Dimensions In Existing Drawings…..

    Maintaining dimensions in existing drawings, not a big issue. For example, you have copied drawing & want to work on that. As you opened drawing, you see dimension is not properly maintained in the drawing. Means, dimension text height, dimension arrow size etc. Everything related to dimension. Because every user works on drawing as per his experience. You may control all dimensions in existing drawings also. Before to maintain all dimensions, you need to filter all dimensions by using Filter command. Once you made the selection of all dimension by using filter command. Then you can change all properties of dimensions. You can see in below pic-1, dimensions text height & color don’t look similar.

    How to control all dimensions properties in existing drawings.


    1. Type FI in the command line. Filter dialog box will appear as shown in pic-2.

    2. Go to Select Filter ⇒ Dimension. Click on Add to List & then Apply button.

    3. After click on apply button type All in the command line.


    4. You will see all dimensions are selected now as shown in pic-3. All properties of dimensions have come in the properties window, now you can control all dimensions properties such as dimensions text height, dimensions arrow size etc.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide how to maintain dimensions in existing drawings.