How To Manage Text Case In AutoCAD Drawings Showing With Image And Video


    How To Control Text Case In AutoCAD ……

    I am showing you, how to manage all text case by one command. While you typing some text in any drawing, you don`t need to think, is it the upper case or sentence case or may be others. You can control all text later by Change Text Case command which comes in under express tools.

    For example, some text is written as you can see in below pic-1.


    How to change the text case in AutoCAD

    1. Go to Express tool, select text & again select Change Text Case as shown in below pic-2.


    2. All text to be selected first then click on any text case type which you want to change & click OK as shown in below pic-3.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide how to manage text case in AutoCAD.


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