Mirror Command In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    How Do I Mirror An Object In AutoCAD ……

    Use of mirror command in AutoCAD very useful & save users times to make a reverse copy of the objects. Users may have the copy of the original objects or can delete while using mirror command.

    How to use the mirror command in AutoCAD.

    1. Type Mi or Mirror in the command line & press enter.

    2. Select the objects which have to mirror as shown in pic-1.


    3. Specify the first point of mirror line as shown in pic-2.


    4. Specify the second point of the mirror line as shown in pic-3.


    5. Now users can select either Y or N & after then need to press enter as shown in pic-4.

    For example, in case of users want to keep the original copy of the objects, users need to type Y on the command line. In case of users want to delete the original copy of the objects, type N in the command line. Only objects will mirror original copy will be deleted.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch below video for the guide, How to Use mirror command & mirror object in AutoCAD