How To Open Block Editor (REFEDIT) By Double Click In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    Problem Block Editor (REFEDIT) By Double Click In AutoCAD ……

    Lots of users used to edit a block with REFEDIT command. In the new version of AutoCAD, users need to type REFEDIT in the command line for editing a block. Which takes the time during work in AutoCAD. How to restore block editor in the new version of AutoCAD, follows as given in below pictures.

    1. Type CUI in the command line to open Customize User Interface dialog box as shown in pic-1.


    2. Go to Double Click Actions toolbar. 

    3. Drag & Drop Xref and Block, Edit Reference In-Place command under Block as shown as shown in pic-2. Click on Apply & Ok button.


    Reference Editor is opening by double click on a block as shown in pic-3.


    Video ……

    Users may watch the below video for the guide, how to open block editor by double clicking in AutoCAD.


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