Problem To Insert Title Block & Set Up Scale With Units In Layout In AutoCAD 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 Showing With Image And Video


    How To Insert Title Block & Set Up Scale With Units In AutoCAD 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 …..

    Users face problem to insert the title block & set up the scale of sheet size in the layout. Users need to do some setting while working in layout as well need to check drawings units. First users need to learn Page Setup Manager in the layout tab.

    1. RightClick on the Layout tab.

    2. Select Page Setup Manager as shown in pic-1.

    Users need to select the right layout tab, wherein need to set the title block.


    3. Page setup manager window will appear as shown in pic-2.

    4. Select the working layout, wherein need to modify or set title block. After selection of the layout tab, click on Modify button.


    5. Users have to set 8nos. settings in the page setup as shown in pic-3.

    1. Select Your default printer by drop down buttons.
    2. Select Sheet size, as you required.
    3. Set on Extend tab.
    4. Check Center the plot tab.
    5. Set Drawing orientation either Landscape or Portrait.
    6. Check Fit to paper tab.
    7. Set Plot style table either may be Color or Black print, as you required.


    After setting up page setup,

    6. type on the command line as shown in pic-4 for insert the title block in the layout tab or users can directly copy & paste title block in the layout tab.


    7. Users need to take care while inserting title block in the layout tab. Type 0, 0, 0 positions of title block during inserting title block as shown in pic-5.


    After inserting the title block, users face problem to define the boundary of the title block. The background looks like model space as shown in pic-6.


    8. Users need to check mark in Display printable area & Display paper background to set the background of title block in layout tab as shown in pic-7.


    After completed all process, Sometimes occur title block scale does not look fit in the layout background as shown in pic-8. This is because of UNITS.


    9. Type UNITS in the command line & press Enter. Drawing Units dialog box will appear as shown in pic-9.

    10. Check the default units are set to mm. Point no.2 in the pic-3 & Drawing unit must be set to mm. For example, if users select the sheet size in mm, drawing units must be set to the mm.


    Video ……

    Users may watch the below video for the guide, how to insert title block & set up the scale with units in AutoCAD…..


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