How To Remove Dimension Style Override In AutoCad Showing With Image And Video


    Clear The Dimension Style Override In AutoCAD…..

    Many times users copy/import drawings from made by other users as have not made drawing in the right manner. Therefore dimension text height & arrow size and other thing related to the dimension do not look similar. I am showing tips which will be useful for you.

    In below Pic-1 dimension line color & dimension text height is different which is not as per created own dimension style or company’s standard.


    For removing style override, need to select all dimensions by Select Similar command as shown in Pic-2.

    1. Select any one dimension then Right Click button, the shortcut menu will open up then Select similar command as shown in Pic-2.

    Pic-22. Once selection created as shown in Pic-3, then again Right Click button, select Remove Style Override menu.

    Pic-3Now all dimension value will be as per default standard which was set before start making the drawing.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide how to remove dimension style override in AutoCAD.