Drawings File Tabs Missing / Display File Tab In AutoCAD


    Drawings File Tabs Missing / Display File Tab In AutoCAD 2016,2017,2018 & 2019

    Normally we use Ctrl+Tab or Window menu bar to jump other drawings. Display file tab also uses to create new drawing & jump / go to other drawings. This is one of the fast ways to jump / go to another drawing. When display file tab option is on then you can see your files below the menu bar. For example, three or four drawings are open & you want to work or copy some sketch from another drawing. Either you will go to Ctrl+Tab or Window menu bar to go another file. But when display file tab is on, simply click on your drawing file, in which you want to do something. Somehow users got file tab missing in autocad.

    To display all yours drawings on the screen, you need to on Display File Tabs. Some pictures are given below to restore missing file tab or display file tab in autocad.

    How Do I Turn On & Off Drawing File Tab In AutoCAD

    You can see Four files are open as shown in below pic-1.



    Recover File Tab Missing In AutoCAD

    1. Type OP or Right click your mouse in the command area.

    2. Select Option, Options window will open up as shown in below pic-2.


    3. Go to Display tab & tick on Display File Tab as shown in pic-3.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide,  how to customize display file tabs in AutoCAD 2014, 2017