Select Similar Command Missing In Shortcut Menu In AutoCad Showing With Image And Video


    Select Similar Command Customize In Shortcut Menu In AutoCAD.

    For work fast we always use Select Similar command from the shortcut menu. This command helps us to select all similar objects. Sometimes we are not able to use this command because of missing in the shortcut menu in AutoCAD. How to customize this command in the shortcut menu, an example is given in below pictures.

    Recover Select Similar Command In AutoCAD.

    1. Type CUI in the command line or Right Click on blank area & select customize as shown in below pic-1.


    2. Select All Customization File ↵ Shortcut Menus ↵ Edit Menu as shown in below pic-2.


    3. You will see all shortcut menus are there under Edit Menus except Select Similar as shown in below pic-3.


    4. Now you may type Select Similar in search tab or find in under All Command Only. Now you need to drag & drop that command under Edit Menu as shown in below pic-4. After that, come out from that window by clicking on Apply & then OK button.


    5. Now you can check that Select Similar command is showing under shortcut menu as given in below pic-5.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch below video for the guide how to customize select similar command in shortcut menu in AutoCAD.