Selected Objects Do not Look In Dashed Line In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    How to change the Selected Objects as a Dashed Line In AutoCAD2016, 2017 ……

    In AutoCAD 2017, when we select any object for erasing, it does not highlight objects as a dashed line. Users always wanted to see objects as a dashed line when they selected any objects. You may see in below pic-1, objects are not highlighted as a dashed line.


    1. Type OP in the command line For the change the selection of the objects preview. Options dialog box will appear.

    2. Now go to on Selection tab & uncheck the Command Preview & Property Preview elements in pic-2.


    You can see all selected objects as a dashed line In below pic-3.


    Video ……


    Users may also watch below video for the guide how to change the selected objects as a dashed line in AutoCAD2016, 2017.