How To Setup AutoCAD To Work Faster Showing With Image And Video


    How To Work Faster In AutoCAD ……

    Useful basic tips for reducing time in AutoCAD before start making the drawing. Once you set all these setting then you don’t need to set all these setting again in all drawings or another drawing. Once all setting has done then save the drawing & close.

    1. First, click on Open button. Drop down box as shown in below pic-1 & select drawing template (*.dwt).


    2. Select acadiso then open it as shown in below pic-2.


    How to setup layer in AutoCAD

    1. Set layer as per your company standard or drawing object as you need to keep in drawings As shown in below pic-3. 


    2. For example, some layer has been created as shown in below pic-4.


    3. Now you can see all layers are there in below pic-5.


    How to setup dimension style in AutoCAD

    1. Now I am going to show you dimension setting. Type D or you may go by selecting Dimension Style under format toolbar. Dimension box will come out, select iso-25, standard or as your company standard then click on New button as shown in below pic-6.


    2. Set dimension line color as desired by you or it may be your company standard. Click on the line tab & then select the color as shown in below pic-7.


    3. like above,  set extension line color as desired by you or your company standard as shown in below pic-8.


    4. Next tab is Symbol & Arrow, here you can set arrow size for example 2.5 or 3.5 as per your company standard or your convenient as shown in below pic-9.


    5. Set dimension text color & style by selecting Text tab as shown in below pic-10.


    6. Make your own text style or select your company standard. Click on Set current & then apply as shown in below pic-11.


    7. Now drop down text style list & select your created text style as shown in below pic-12.


    8. All dimension text height, arrow size & etc. can be control by selecting Use Overall Scale Of under fit tab as shown in below pic-13.


    9. Now useful setting has done. Select your dimension style, make it Set Current by clicking on the set current tab as shown in below pic-14.


    10. To check all setting are there or not click on New button & Then select drawing template (*.dwt) by drop down list as shown in below pic-15.


    11. You can check now all layer & dimension style are there as shown in below pic-16 & pic-17. Which is created above.

    You can work & save your file as like before.



    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide how to set up templete in AutoCAD to work faster.