How To Start Or Work On AutoDesk Inventor Showing With Image And Video


Autodesk Inventor ( Basic For New Users ) ……

Before to start work on the inventor, Users need to know how does inventor work. If the users working on the local desktop or laptop, users need to set the project file in the inventor. These setting users need to keep all project file in the same folder on which users are working. Otherwise, all file will save in the default folder of the inventor. There is no need to keep these setting while the users working through data management software.

How To Create / Make Project In AutoDesk Inventor.

1. Click on the projects as shown in pic-1.


2. Right click on the screen & select New as shown in pic-2.


3. Select the new single user project and click next button as shown in pic-3.


4. As the users click on the next button, the default setting of inventor will appear as shown in pic-4.


5. Change the project file name as per your project as well change the project location as desired.

6. Click next button & then finish button.

I have changed the default project name as training as well location of the project as shown in pic-5.


7. Double click on your project to make it default as shown in pic-6.


8. Users can see/check created project file at their location as we have given during creation of project file in Pic-8.


Video ……

Users may watch the below video for the guide, How to create or make the project file in AutoDesk Inventor ……