Use Of Array Command In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    Use Of Array Command In AutoCAD

    Many times users need to copy the objects in quantity. Users can use array command to copy the objects in quantity. Users can array the object in horizontally or vertically by using rectangle array. A circular pattern can be done by using the polar array option in AutoCAD.

    1. Type Arrayclassic in the command.

    2. The array dialog box will appear as shown in pic-1.


    Create a rectangular array in AutoCAD.

    1. Put Row quantity & Columns quantity

    2. Put the distance of row & columns as shown in pic-2.

    3. Select the object which needs to array & clicks on the Ok button.


    Create a circular array in AutoCAD.

    1. Put the number of items & angle between items as shown in pic-3.

    2. Give the center point of the big circle.

    3. Select the small circle & click on the ok button as shown in pic-4.


    Video ……

    Users may watch below video for the guide, how to create an array with array dialog box in AutoCAD.


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