How To Use Open Dialog Box To Save And Open Drawings Faster In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    To Save And Open Drawings Faster, Use Of Open Dialog Box In AutoCAD……

    I am showing you to Setup of the open dialog box to save and open files faster. After setup of such setting, for opening files, users don’t need to go by selecting so many folders every time.

    Click on the Open button, at the left side of the open dialog box, some default folder already there as shown in below picture. You may keep all or remove by selecting any folder then Right Click and Remove. Also, you can restore all default folder by keep mouse on the left side of the open dialog box and then Right Click then select Restore Standard Folders.

    As you can see all default folder is shown in pic-1.


    For example, your folder is saved into D drive or may be E drive.

    1. Go to your folder and then Drag & Drop at the left side of the open dialog box as shown in below pic-2.

    As you may add your important folder which is using frequently.


    2. After adding such folder, Click on the cancel button. As you click on the cancel button, a message will ask you to save the changes you made, then click on Yes button as shown in below pic-3.


    Every time as you click on the Open dialog box, the saved folder will be there.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide how to use the open dialog box to save & open drawings faster.


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