How To Draw Spiral Chute In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    Material Handling Spiral Chute Drawing In AutoCAD ……

    Spiral chute used in so many industries. It’s also called spiral gravity chute & spiral conveyor chutes. Users face problem to draw the elevation of a spiral chute in AutoCAD. Users may see below pictures with indications, how to develop an elevation of the Spiral Chute in AutoCAD. Spiral chute also uses in conveyors.

    How To Make Spiral Chute Drawing In AutoCAD

    1. First, make a plan of the spiral chute as shown in pic-1.  Outer diameter & inner diameter to be select always as per the material.

    2. To draw an elevation of the spiral chute, users must have to know the height of spiral chute. Divide the line in equal dimension as have done in the plan view of the spiral chute. For example, if we have divided plan view into 24 segments than elevation height to be divided into 24 segments. Now make the projection from plan view as shown in pic-2.


    3. Start to draw the polyline from the top & take them to bottom to match every intersection point step by step as shown in pic-3. 


    4. The same thing users have to do for the inner line of the spiral chute. Take the projection from the plan view as shown in pic-4. And draw the polyline from top to bottom as shown.


    5. Clear all the outer line from the objects as shown in pic-5.


    6. Copy the outer line of the spiral chute upward side as shown in pic-6.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide, how to make spiral gravity chute drawing in AutoCAD.

    If users getting the problem to make fabrication drawing of the spiral chute.

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