How To Manage Layer Faster In AutoCAD


    Tips & Tricks To Manage Layer Faster In AutoCAD ……

    Users always need to organize the drawings. That can be done only by layer. Users can manage layer by layer manager also & so many ways to manage layer in AutoCAD. Depends on how the user manages layer. Users may also use match properties command. Sometimes users need to manage layer in existing drawings. Which is created by other users or other company’s drawing?

    I have been working on AutoCAD since 2001. I have checked every way of layers manager in AutoCAD. How can users manage layers faster in AutoCAD? I have created Auto Lisp file for the layer to manage layer faster in the drawings. Users may change Lisp file accordingly their company standard.

    Tips & Tricks to change objects layer faster in AutoCAD

    1. Create the new layer & give their name as shown in pic-1.


    Keyboard shortcut for manage layer faster in AutoCAD

    2. Open Lisp file in notepad as shown in pic-2. Lisp file is given below for download.

    3. Now give the same name as we have given in layer.

    4. Save the file.

    Following layer Lisp file is created. For example, object layer will activate if user press 1.

    If user press 2, center line layer will activate. Users can easily manage or make layer faster by this shortcut keyboard.

    1 = Object

    2 = Center

    3 = Hidden

    4 = Dim

    5 = Text


    Now users need to load Lisp file in AutoCAD.

    5. Go to Tools ⇒ AutoLISP ⇒ Load Application as shown in pic-3.


    6. Select Lisp file & click on load button as shown in pic-4.


    Download Layer Lisp File Here ⇒

    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide, how to manage layer faster in AutoCAD.