Problem To Trim Hatch In AutoCAD 2014, 2016


    Problem To Trim Hatch In AutoCAD?

    How To Trim Hatch Between Two Line Of Object In AutoCAD 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019

    Many times users create hatch in AutoCAD. Somehow users need to trim hatch due to change the object shape. But users see hatch is not trimming as he wanted from. Therefore users waste time to create again hatch. There is a trick to trim unwanted hatch in AutoCAD as given below step by step.

    Tips & Tricks to trim hatch in AutoCAD.

    1. As users can see there is an object with the hatch in below pic-1.


    2. For example, I have created a line to trim hatch either left side or right side as shown in pic-2.


    3. Users need to select the line and right click the mouse button then go to Draw Order and select send to back option as shown in pic-3.

    4. Now Users can trim the hatch either left side or right side.

    Also, Users can stretch hatch by the grips.


    Problem To Trim Hatch
    Problem To Trim Hatch

    Video ……

    Users may also watch the below video for the guide, how to trim or split hatch between two line of objects in AutoCAD.