What Is The Use Of Layer In AutoCad & How To Work With Layer Toolbar Showing With Image And Video


    How To Use Of Layer In AutoCAD & Work With Layer Toolbar ……

    Layer toolbar helps us to maintain drawing organized & maintain drawing standard as well & also work with layer toolbar help us to work fast. We can work fast by using layer toolbar. Lots of lines are in your drawings & you need to stretch or erase some line of them. If you have done drawings with layer then no big problem you have. For example, if you want to delete or want to change layers of some lines, just isolate them by using LAYER ISOLATE command. You may also change into your desired layer by selecting them to all isolated lines. Once, you come to know layer by clicking on any line, you may invisible all line by LAYER OFF command. These tow command really help you to control/ maintain & also working fast in big drawings. Always keep layer toolbar on screen for fasting work. Keep cursor for a second on any command to know the name of them.

    One example of given in below pictures to show you, how to invisible/hide line by using Layer Off command.

    1. Click on Layer Off command as shown in below pic-1.


    2. Now select anything which you want to hide/invisible as shown in below pic-2.


    3. You can see some line are hidden/invisible as shown in below pic-3.


    4. After complete your desire work, you can visible all lines/drawing by clicking on All Layer On toolbar button as shown in below pic-4.


    Video ……

    Users may also watch below video for the guide how to work faster with layer toolbar & what is the use of layer.