How To Work Faster By Customized Keyboard Shortcuts In AutoCAD Showing With Image And Video


    How To Customized Keyboard Shortcuts In AutoCAD 2017…..

    For work faster in AutoCAD, you need to practice on the keyboard as well & also need to customize keyboard shortcut in your fingers approach area. First, you have to change the keyboard shortcuts by editing in ACAD.PGP file.

    Tips to work faster in AutoCAD.

    1. Go to Tools ⇒ Customize ⇒ Edit Program Parameters (acad.pgp) as shown in pic-1.


    2. Acad.PGP WordPad dialog will appear as shown in pic-2. Only change those keyboards shortcut, which is frequently used in drawings. For example, Move, Copy, Mirror, Rotate, Dimensions, Match Property & Dimension Align command. To give these all commands, you need to see on the keyboard. You may also use below given shortcuts for work faster. You can easily give all commands without seeing on the keyboard.

    X,    *Move

    V,    *Copy

    R,    *Rotate

    A,    *Mirror

    Q,    *Dimension

    EW,  *Match Property

    DA,    *Dimension Align

    change all these keyboard shortcuts or as desired by you. Save the file.


    3. For Re-initialization the changed keyboard shortcuts, Type REINIT in the command line. Re-initialization dialog box will appear as shown in pic-3. Tick in the PGP File  & press OK. 


    Video ……


    Users may also watch the below video for the guide, how to work faster by customized keyboard shortcuts in AutoCAD.